Lazy and disorganised.

Two things. I am perceived to be quite lazy, and unorganised. Why these two things though? Let's talk about that. The antisocial may understand the framework which underlies social constructs, norms, emotions, rules - everything socially constructed that makes us human. However, no neural paths are formed within the antisocial brain between these mental concepts... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Penny – Same Coin. Two Sides.

[1] ENTRY: DIARY 07. 021 So there’s this guy I know named Ed, and Ed is an antisocial. Not just that, but Ed’s parents abused him throughout his childhood. Now aged 27, Ed is quite mentally unhinged compared to society’s expectations and standards. As an antisocial since birth, he’s always had odd interests an urges.... Continue Reading →

A Systematic Extinction

There is no higher power than Evolution. The significance of this in terms of personality disorders (specifically ASPD) is something I have attempted to highlight via my last few pieces. It’s a framework that applies to people who have these disorders, but how does this apply in a more general sense? You see, the psychopath... Continue Reading →

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