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“They’re not simply insensitive to punishment – no, there’s a very different organisation of their reinforcement learning system. The prefrontal cortex processes punishment very differently in the psychopathic brain” Punishment. What is it? Do we need it? Probably. I believe it’s the main way in which humans learn to be human. Not just learn, but... Continue Reading →

Cerberus: Three Minutes of my life.

May, 2015. Monday 08:25AM Another morning at work. Cleaning. I clean business offices and shops. Exciting right? I work as a contracted cleaner. EKMO The psychopathic contracted killer? No, EKMO the psychopathic contracted cleaner! Ha! hah! Clever, see what he did there? Because usually people like you become - Ugh yes I got it. Funny.... Continue Reading →

The Inner Workings

Disorders such as ASPD can lead to many different outcomes throughout life. Some outcomes are better than others, while others are worse than most. The only certainty from case to case is that each and every individual who has ASPD will carry their own unique set of characteristics and traits. ASPD personality outcomes depend heavily... Continue Reading →

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