Point of Reference.

While I fixate on the idea of just how much emotions influence the behaviour of people, I've only lately begun to wonder about what influences my own behaviour. More importantly, what characteristics make up my personality. Because for a long time I've accepted that if emotions dictate much of human behaviour, then ultimately emotions also... Continue Reading →

True Love.

I'll be what ever you need me to be, as long as I get what I want out of you. Not even that, I'll simply pretend to be what ever you need. Don't worry, you won't know the difference. I'll barely notice that I'm doing it. I'll convince both you and I. Because I myself... Continue Reading →

Lazy and disorganised.

Two things. I am perceived to be quite lazy, and unorganised. Why these two things though? Let's talk about that. The antisocial may understand the framework which underlies social constructs, norms, emotions, rules - everything socially constructed that makes us human. However, no neural paths are formed within the antisocial brain between these mental concepts... Continue Reading →

A Void Full of Everything

In my last post I explained the meaningful relationship between experience and emotion. One could argue that the way in which these things interact form the very essence of what it is to be human. The human is a uniquely intelligent design because of its exceptional ability of perception. The way in which humans are... Continue Reading →

Software Update Unavailable

“They’re not simply insensitive to punishment – no, there’s a very different organisation of their reinforcement learning system. The prefrontal cortex processes punishment very differently in the psychopathic brain” Punishment. What is it? Do we need it? Probably. I believe it’s the main way in which humans learn to be human. Not just learn, but... Continue Reading →

Cerberus: Three Minutes of my life.

May, 2015. Monday 08:25AM Another morning at work. Cleaning. I clean business offices and shops. Exciting right? I work as a contracted cleaner. EKMO The psychopathic contracted killer? No, EKMO the psychopathic contracted cleaner! Ha! hah! Clever, see what he did there? Because usually people like you become - Ugh yes I got it. Funny.... Continue Reading →

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