True Love.

I’ll be what ever you need me to be, as long as I get what I want out of you. Not even that, I’ll simply pretend to be what ever you need. Don’t worry, you won’t know the difference. I’ll barely notice that I’m doing it. I’ll convince both you and I. Because I myself can hardly distinguish between my true personality and the person that I choose to be. 

Emotions regulate and drive behaviour. And so I’ll use yours as a point of reference to determine who I must be. At least for now.

Why yours? Because you have my interest. You excite me.

Your emotions will drive your behaviour as it always has, and so I’ll begin mentally mapping your personality from the moment we meet. I won’t know that I am doing it. Naturally, I’ll begin mirroring your personality just enough to make you shine a little brighter. It’ll feel oddly nice. Different. Comfortable and warm. You’ll feel cared for and valued. You’ll feel overwhelmed –  perhaps even love. 

And I may think it’s love too, in fact. I’ll have us believe it. I’ll need to.  Because deep down I know that it’s probably not love, but for me this is as real as it get’s.

And for you my love, this is as fake as it will ever be – you’ll just never know it. I promise.






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