The Brain Craves Raw Information – The Antisocial Mind.

Let go of your opinions and views, and just let your brain drift…


“Class isn’t for another 10 minutes but that’s okay. I step inside the almost empty classroom and see you for the first time. You’re my new teacher for the trimester. Nice, a female. I analyse your entire body and something arouses me inside. You’re probably a 6.5 at best, but that will do (whatever that means). You’re a bit older than me. I’ve already noticed everything you are wearing and made a mental note. You wear a lot of purple so maybe that’s your favourite colour. I take a mental note. You have a wedding ring on which doesn’t throw me. I simply take another mental note. I can’t help but analyse the quality and type of clothing you wear, the branding of the clothing, the fashion sense. I make many other loose judgements about your lifestyle and personality before choosing my seat carefully. Only 3 seconds has passed since I walked inside the room. Barely enough time for you to look up. It feels as if my mind is processing more than it can handle, as if I have been here for at least 10 minutes already.

My eyes are dead and soulless, but as soon as you make eye contact with me I instantly snap into character without effort, “Oh heyyy! How are you? Sorry I think I’m early!” I say as I look around for a clock on the wall (I know exactly where that silver round clock is. I know it’s exactly 2:53pm). You enthusiastically greet me, and from here my brain goes into autopilot – all I can now do is mirror your personality in the best way possible. I make many more mental notes about you as you tell me about yourself. This is where I will learn what is important to you. My brain is already mapping out your personality based off of every word you say. I will use all this information throughout the next few weeks in one way or another”.

Is this manipulative? Is this wrong and cruel? Is this deceitful? Or just plain weird? Perhaps to most this is psychotic. The normal functioning mind does not process information in this way. Your emotions steer your interests, intent, and behaviour. When you do not have emotions to lead your body and mind, your brain depends on raw information. Information that will help you synthesise the best version of yourself for the person or people you are with. What best suits that environment, and how can I understand my environment better – this is what the brain is doing here. These are the sort of things the brain is doing in a high functioning individual with ASPD. It’s very human to say this way of thinking is immoral. Once you understand how the “psychopathic” brain works, you begin to realise that it’s just doing what it needs to do. The biggest mistake people make is associating the antisocial-brain with a psychopath. While my brain has many downfalls, it’s processing ability is extraordinary and is capable of doing much good in the world.

A psychopath is what we get when the wonderful brain of an antisocial finds itself in an extremely harsh and cold environment. The power of an antisocial mind raised in an extremely poor environment is what this is. And even then, we may not see your typical psychopath.

Challenge your perspective.


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  1. I think to an extent we all use manipulation to navigate our social world. Maybe the difference is whether it is learned versus genetically coded; those who have it as a classified disorder it is their default setting and those who are neurotypical learn to manipulate out of necessity.

    As a music teacher, I know that I inherently use my empathetic energy intuition (which is still a genetically coded tool) to analyze, in the same way you analyzed your teacher, each individual student. I do this to get the most out of my relationship with each student so that I am successful in being able to reach them. Because each individual functions differently, I need to know how to change my teaching methods and my psychological methods with each student.

    Is the main difference you think that I am using this manipulation for the students gain rather than my own, and you were using it for your personal gain? Cluster B’s of course being trademarked for being mainly self focused and self interested.

    I do feel that even those who are not diagnosed with cluster b personality disorders are very self centered and that this world has just been shifting to a very “every man for himself” way of thinking. So even though I know you speak of the evolutionary system eradicating cluster B’s, which I do see happened in as well, at the same time I do see the selfish mentality somehow still taking over the world. So it seems like while the natural genetic coding is trying to rid the world of the self serving mentality, the man made evolutionary system is in contradiction with that and is promoting it. So it’s very interesting that cluster B’s are looked down upon, especially when we have one as a president right now, who some despise with all their might, but nevertheless, here we are with many still supporting him as well). I also found your one post of the comparison of political choices very fascinating as well.

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